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Membership & Donations

Reasons to Join the Navy League of the United States:

■ You served in one of the sea services and want to continue your association with that service.

■ You are a small business or company, or a larger business or corporation, perhaps engaged in commerce with the sea services.

■ You understand the importance of sea power to our national defense and economy and you want to help ensure that they remain strong and viable. You know that the sea services are America's strength.

■ You admire what your local Navy League Channel Islands Council is doing and you want to help them carry on their mission in support of our men and women in uniform.

■ You know that the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard are usually the first on the scene at catastrophic events and provide medical and other humanitarian services around the world and you want to support that mission.

■ You are concerned about terrorism and homeland security and you want to support the Coast Guard as it protects our ports and interdicts drug traffickers and potential terrorists on the high seas.

■ You know that forward presence and quick reaction to world events is provided by the Navy and Marine Corps and that we must have the ships and equipment to make them responsive and effective.

■ You know that 90% of the world’s goods move to their destination by sea and a capable U.S.-flag Merchant Marine is needed to sustain the economy of the United States.

Membership Form:

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